P.I. La Marjal II,

C/ Llebeig,Nº27   03430 Onil (Alicante) España 

Tel-. 965 560 551

movil 603 351 032

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The centauro shredder consists of a large diameter rotor with very low speed, which is provided with embedded blades, these cut and destroy the material against other fixed toothed blades.


  • Robust shredder with high resistance.

  • Internal pusher for maximum production.

  • Output fraction size through screen units in various hole sizes.

  • Minimum level of noise and dusts thanks to the low revolutions.

  • Cutting system with our robust blades for quadruple use and easy change.

  • Easy to maintain, handle and feed.

  • Easy access for maintenance and assembly thanks to the hydraulic door.

  • Complies with the regulations (CE).



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